“Right to Disconnect” & Time Management for Marketing and Business pals

5 min readNov 18, 2020

Like many people, a good part of my job is being present, answering questions, being on social media and being available. It consumes my energy and on the evening, it’s hard to make a break. I’d like to show you some techniques I found to separate work from leisures. I’ve been a remote worker for 5 years now!

It’s important to have a clean workspace! Gif by Anchor Point

The Ideology

Your body is made to walk, run,hunt, gather, eat, sleep and do primal things. You’re the result of the Human Evolution across 2000 years. That said, in the last 50 years, we got accustomed to sitting 7 hours a day with hard mental work and low physical work.

This has impact, obviously. It means you’re not exhausted physically, but still mentally. Your body doesn’t understand fully how to process this. It can continue but lacks the way to give you feedback about exhaust.

Your mind & body both needs to separate work hours from leisure hours. The two should merge the least possible.

Story mode is a cool new youtube channel about stories in games

Plugins for Chrome & Firefox

Disable Facebook News Feed
With this plugin, Facebook becomes very bland and straightforward (the perfect thing for focus).

DF Youtube (Distraction Free)
This one will clear the side columns of Youtube (the one that makes you last on Youtube forever. Super efficient!

I’ve tried Apps & Websites blocking apps, but when you work on social media it’s kind of hard to use.

On phone: the least apps possible!


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