Helluvaride! My journey from 2017 to 2018

Artists can easily make beautiful cards for their 2018 greetings. I can’t draw shit, so I’ll just tell you about my 2017.

In 2017, I pursued my career of freelance marketing for video games. I had the chance to work on several licenses, both indies and international. But let’s start from the beginning.

In Q1 2017, I worked with Glitchr Studio to release Sky Sanctuary in Early Access in VR. Working on a different kind of game (VR) was very interesting, but also kind of eye opening on the state of virtual reality. Right now, the virtual reality market is really tough. It’s not the new fresh, easy market people were planning. There are thousands of competitors already there to sell underpriced shit to a few dozen people with a Vive headset.


During 2017, I kept working on Double Kick Heroes, our metal rhythm game. http://doublekickheroes.rocks/

We had the chance of going to Pax South (Austin, USA) and Gamescom (Cologne, Germany). I even went to EGX Rezzed (London, UK) so it was Helluvaride! Travelling this much has been amazing and I had so much fun discovering new countries.

by Jonas Mosesson

I’ve never liked travelling, because the only experience I had was with my parents in museums. I hate museums. I love walking, cycling, meeting people, eating loads of foods. Thank you very much Headbang Club because I love travelling now!

In Q2 2017, I’ve worked on several small projects that were very interesting. I experimented a lot with blogging, Reddit Ads, etc. I wanted to plug into projects I really like and do small stuff that could improve their sales. At this moment, I understood that making small efforts at a project’s end is very tough. The marketing is a whole part of a project. You can’t just arrive in a game, put $500 in ads, and hope to make it back with $700 of revenues. Marketing takes time AND strategy AND money!

When you’re asking a freelance developer or artist, you just have the result or no result. There is an asset, a feature, a prototype, and it works or doesn’t work. It’s obvious to say there are different thresholds of finishing an asset or a feature. But marketing is totally the contrary of this. A marketing campaign is really tough to break into small pieces. It has to be something more impacting, because the bigger it gets, the bigger the reward it can trigger (in revenue).

In Q3 2017, something very surprising happened. In April and May, I only landed 2 freelance gigs. I couldn’t make it a living, so I was looking for a more stable job. I even looked at becoming a developer again, at least half time, to keep working on Double Kick Heroes. Stunlock Studios, who are making Battlerite, posted a job offer about being an International Community Manager. I spent 3 days making the very best portfolio and job submission I could.

I waited.

I panicked, because there was no stream of money that would magically happen.

Then, I had an answer from Johan Ilves, Marketing Director of Battlerite that told me I didn’t get the job. But he proposed to hire me as a French Marketing Manager instead, and I was delighted!

Needless to say, I was working on small indie games that could barely get 10K players. Now, I was going to work and manage the 10% players of Battlerite, who were at the moment around 100K people. It meant working on a new scale and level, with high attention to detail and polish.

It was pretty amazing to start working with an already established and welcoming community. I even made a filmed & edited presentation video. I made a bi-monthly podcast interviewing members of the community. I’ve hosted and commentated tournaments.

In October & November 2017, we also had to focus on pushing the Free to play release, so now I had to lay out a full marketing plans, with several thousands of budget. I was in the flow!

My favorite movie ❤

The Free to play release was essentially laid out in several channels:

  • Ads — with Webedia and AAA-Gaming
  • Press — helped from Home Coming Studio
  • Social events
  • Live Twitch — with help from Agence MVP and O’Gaming
  • Several Sponsored Influencers

At the same time, in September 2017 I also was elected President of Toulouse Game Dev, a local community. It’s been really rewarding to push a local community because, game dev friends, in the end, are forever! It’s also inspiring me to maybe start a new game production in End 2018. When you see people working so hard & passionately on their work, it can only inspire you.

I still have a lot on my plate and 2018 won’t be that much rest!

Here planned in 2018:

  • Battlerite Monthly content with events & new heroes
  • Early Access Release of Double Kick Heroes
  • Low-rhythm consulting (1h every 2 weeks) with at least 3 indie studios.

And for events:

  • Dojo Esports
  • Indie Garden Assembly (Valenciennes) with a talk on Battlerite Launch
  • Pax West Boston & (secret one)
  • Stunfest
  • Art Weekend

Thanks for reading and thank you all for being amazing during 2017. I know there’s been some rough events (Orange presidents, crazy president in France) but we’re all making Earth a better place on other domains (social links, health, technology). It’s always about seeing the bright side of things.

In 2020, I’m making a game called Neurodeck! Check out the steampage!

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