Deckbuilding — Market Analysis for Lovecrafting

Slay The Spire has reinvented the deckbuilding genre

What is the deckbuilding market?

Monster Train is a very good approach on the deckbuilding genre

What are the documents we produced?

What are the main statements about this market?

Google Trends show Slay The Spire is still a massive game

What is the audience of deckbuilders?

Magic Arena Deckbuilder tool

What are the main roadblocks when entering this market?

  • Deep but Accessible: your game requires a deep gameplay, while having a high accessibility. Card games have a lot of rules that can be overwhelming for casual and midcore players. Games required a very good tutorial that bring the game
  • Originality Risk: The best games of the market are praised, and players expect that much quality, but also an original take on the genre. Indie devs often go for original features, but sometimes that’s a big risk. Players are mainly looking for a good experience over an original game.
  • Balancing and game design: This is a genre that requires a lot of iteration on game design. Game feel is also very long
  • Card Engine & Localization : Cards can be hard to make. They require a lot of game design
Night of the Full Moon, mobile deckbuilder

Platforms : a great opportunity.

Dominion is on Steam as well!

Evolutions: What are the main trends in deckbuilders?

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