A new start ahead

3 min readAug 5, 2020


I have big news!

Mid-september, I will be leaving Goblinz Studio. I leave in excellent relationship with the whole team of Goblinz.

Around 1 year ago, I started Neurodeck, a deckbuilder dear to my heart and a new start to my game developer “branch” career. To be honest, I spent a bit too much time on Neurodeck, my personal projects, and felt the overlap between the two jobs were too present.

I’m then committing to being full-time working on Neurodeck starting September.

A path to Stability

When Johann came to offer me this job, I was puzzled. I loved instability, and didn’t feel like being the kind of committing to a company.

This job stability was, in the end, a great tool. I learned a bit more to slow down. In the beginning, I was still working very long hours on 2 jobs (Goblinz + Neurodeck), but now I quite don’t work in the weekends. I took a much more normal pace.

I also took this opportunity to see different therapists and learn to take my time in life, instead of being everywhere. That was an important for me and today I finally feel more stable.

Learning to build an editorial line at Goblinz

For around 20 months, we built a whole editorial team to support and assist game developers. That was a pretty amazing experience, because there was a lot of different tasks to do. From hiring to branding, we built a whole publisher that is rock solid today. Goblinz still has a long path ahead, but the foundations are well in place.

Working with Johann has been a great human adventure as well. He was more on the data and market side; while I was more kind of the reputation / partnerships kind. We put in place some solid tools like the testers club, marketing analysis bots and regional freelancers that help on game releases.

I’m proud to say we went from 0 to 3 women in the team while I was in the company. We’re still not in parity, but Goblinz made a path to a more balanced team. I believe it brought a much more diverse interest and opinions about games in publishing. It also brought a very fun & professional workplace people love to work in.

My new game in production!

The projects ahead

I helped the person replacing me. It was a huge subject with the whole team, and we decided to take someone junior that would handle operational tasks full time (while I was half-time) because I had a lot of operational tasks.

Banner of Ruins just released this week with very little of my help and it sold very well. AFATE will be released around September. Snowtopia should arrive later this year. Neurodeck will ship in 2021. Much more things are coming.

I’m also proud to announce we will create a great partnership with Goblinz Studio in 2021, but nothing is set in stone so let’s keep it secret.

I’m still around if you wanna talk.

Yannick Elahee aka Tavrox.




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