While making my latest game called Neurodeck, I understood something.

My main reference for making the game was Slay The Spire, an ugly, addictive, crazy fun card game. It has been developed during at least 3 years, and received a lot of updates. This game has been a wild success…

I have big news!

Mid-september, I will be leaving Goblinz Studio. I leave in excellent relationship with the whole team of Goblinz.

Around 1 year ago, I started Neurodeck, a deckbuilder dear to my heart and a new start to my game developer “branch” career. …

Illustration by my brother Pierre Elahee (http://pierreelahee.fr/)

When you start a game production, it’s very hard to know how to budget marketing. Especially when it’s your first game ever. This article is a bit vague but will give you insights about “how much”, “how” and “why” invest in marketing.

How much you should do yourself?

You think I would say you ALWAYS need…


Game Dev Marketer. I share processes, techniques & tricks to do game marketing. Portfolio: http://tavrox.com

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