3 reasons why Epic could be buying Bandcamp

3 min readMar 3, 2022


Epic bought Bandcamp recently! I’m not working with Epic nor Bandcamp, but I have a few ideas why they could work together, let’s see why.

“Free internet gathering”

There’s one common pattern between gaming and music : captive platforms. Epic & Bandcamp seem to join on a few points:

  • More freedom to the creative people
  • Low share for service give more freedom to the creative people
  • Curation and good community management, willingness to have a strong brand recognized by creative people
  • Willingness to improve self-serving tools continuously on the long term


Bandcamp has an amazing recognition among musician. From what I know, musician’s revenue often come in this order:

  • Concerts / live events : 30–70%
  • Streaming : 10–20%
  • Bandcamp : 10–20%

Bandcamp only takes 10% and it gave them a very high recognition among musician. I’ve heard that these creative people really love the tool, the website and this branding. When you buy a company, you also get their brand recognition!

Building a streaming platform…. Or integrating into Epic?

It’s probable that the tech of Epic can help with the disruption needed by the Music industry.

There are two ways it can happen:

  1. Bandcamp joins the Epic Store, and sells their music with the same system that sells games
  2. Epic creates a Streaming app, which includes games AND music

There’s a tiny chance as well that Bandcamp’s musician can make deals with game developers to have their games integrated in a streamlined way. That said, this would be pretty crazy and original, so not likely!

Thank you for reading!

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