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While making my latest game called Neurodeck, I understood something.

My main reference for making the game was Slay The Spire, an ugly, addictive, crazy fun card game. It has been developed during at least 3 years, and received a lot of updates. This game has been a wild success because of its UI, UX, and excellent game design. People tried a game quite as good, but often failed. As of today, only Monster Train has been close to this result.

I understood that, even if Slay The Spire was ugly, it created a design base. A strong base of…

Like many people, a good part of my job is being present, answering questions, being on social media and being available. It consumes my energy and on the evening, it’s hard to make a break. I’d like to show you some techniques I found to separate work from leisures. I’ve been a remote worker for 5 years now!

When your game passes the gold version but still get updates, we call it live ops developement or “game as a service” (GAAS). Big companies are praising live ops and indies are getting in this new trend as well. But this is not a small decision and you should be aware of major challenges. We will talk about:

  • Changing your production organization
  • New marketing challenges
  • Understanding your players expectations
  • and much more!

Should you do live ops at Release?

If you have a narrative game, live ops is probably not for you! But you can think of new stories in DLC or free chapters to add later.

I have big news!

Mid-september, I will be leaving Goblinz Studio. I leave in excellent relationship with the whole team of Goblinz.

Around 1 year ago, I started Neurodeck, a deckbuilder dear to my heart and a new start to my game developer “branch” career. To be honest, I spent a bit too much time on Neurodeck, my personal projects, and felt the overlap between the two jobs were too present.

I’m then committing to being full-time working on Neurodeck starting September.

A path to Stability

When Johann came to offer me this job, I was puzzled. I loved instability…

It’s been a while since I published something so I wanted to condense a small story about a game design principle I came up with recently.

Some games are excellent at concentrating 1 hour game session into interesting experience, such as Into The Breach and Slay The Spire.

These video games have an average session length of one hour. It’s a game you can play at night after a day of work. It’s a game you can launch on your midday pause. It’s a game you can launch a sunday afternoon while the kids nap.

The median gameplay length is…

Illustration by my brother Pierre Elahee (

When you start a game production, it’s very hard to know how to budget marketing. Especially when it’s your first game ever. This article is a bit vague but will give you insights about “how much”, “how” and “why” invest in marketing.

How much you should do yourself?

You think I would say you ALWAYS need to get professional and hire me to do it? HUH, no! In most of cases, if you’re really interested in marketing, creating events, speaking at conferences, talk with random people in the internet, reach journalists & influencers, DO MOST OF IT YOURSELF.

We, freelancers & agencies (PR, Influencers, etc) have…

by Pierre Elahee (

A community is a group of people. To gather people, you need leadership, tools and goals. But video games are only entertainment, right? So how and why are people building communities within single player games?

Most people learn the truth after shipping their first indie game: “no one will give you an award”. We grow with the idea that your passion magically transforms into an overnight success. You wake up and have millions on your bank account. This is a myth, we need to break it.

The bride never gave up

You will not be a big hit right away. You will not get rich quick. You are not so special that everyone else will instantly pay attention. No one cares about you. At least not yet. Get used to it.

from “ReWork” by Jason Fried, a great book.

Hello there! With my indie client Stormland, we’re experimenting a new technique I deeply believe in! It’s basically a Soft Launch for PC Games. You publish the game on a quiet platform, take a look at some metrics, then go full speed on Steam! Let’s see why it’s interesting.

Stormland is a survival management game in open alpha on People can buy and play the game for the retail price beforehand. It’s not on Steam. It’s a choice, for several reasons: Steam Reviews, Game Improvement & Optimizations, Marketing Optimization, Community Building.

Disclaimer: I will praise a lot in…

Game jams consist in a limited timeline where a team makes a game from scratch under several constraints. There are several types of game jams with different constraints, lengths & setups.

Game jams are great because they push creativity forward and force you to deliver a prototype. Those jams are also the best start possible for a new project, and we’ll explore why now.

As we’re releasing Double Kick Heroes today, I’ll show you how important are game jams through this game.


Game Dev Marketer. I share processes, techniques & tricks to do game marketing. Portfolio:

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